Water biking is a unique ocean adventure activity and is the most exciting & fun way to experience the ocean around Simon’s Town, famous for its rich marine life & spectacular views of the surrounding Table Mountain range. They offer a 2 hour guided tour to the world-famous African penguin and seal colony at Boulders beach.
Often encountered are playful Cape fur seals, other marine life and various sea birds along the way. During whale season, it is possible to encounter one of these magnificent mammals. From your elevated position on a water bike, you get to experience African penguins in their natural habitat as they head off or return from their hunting trips.
These premium water bikes are silent, do not emit any emissions, do not require fuel & they will allow you to safely explore without an environmental footprint.
This unique experience with the Penguins viewed from a water bike is only possible from Simon’s Town. Rentals for 30 min and one hour are also offered from the pier.


Paddle Experience is the only Kayak Tour company to offer a Full range of paddling experiences:

EXPLORE (no experience required): Head out of the city to scenic paddling spots on their overnight explore packages. Destinations include Stanford, Velddrift and Langebaan!

ADVENTURE (no experience required): Take one of their amazing tours:

SIMON’S Town Kayak Tour

Setting out from Long Beach, Simon’s Town this kayak trip takes you past the harbour, looking at the history, which dates back to 1600’s, and feel of this unique space. From there Paddle Experience will take you around past the harbour wall, and along the coast to the Boulders Penguin Colony where you will see these curious creatures in their natural habitat, often swimming past you to hunt and play in this pristine environment. You will enjoy a little snack on the water while you enjoy the beauty and wildness of this space, before heading past Ark Rock and heading back to the beach. You will see penguins and seals along the way, and in the right season whales and dolphins also make an appearance. You will also have the privilege of spotting a sunfish just off the harbour wall, what a treat it is if you see these unusual creatures.

ZANDVLEI Estuary Nature Reserve Kayak Tour

Takes you out from the False Bay Rendezvous heading north up the Vlei and into the residential area of Marina da Gama. Paddling around Park Island you will see abundant birdlife, often including flamingos, pied kingfishers and spoon bills. This is a gentle contemplative paddle around the Island. On the return trip you will stop on the West side for a little snack on the Island before heading back down to the Rendezvous. If you are truly lucky you may see a seal down towards the mouth or the local cape clawless otter, but these sightings are quite rare.

For those seeking a bit more of a challenge/adrenalin rush they have the following options:
  • an extended Simons Town Tour that includes the Roman Rock lighthouse – this is recommended for those comfortable on the water, and depending on conditions some paddling experience would be recommended.
  • For the adrenalin junkie: Paddling from Buffels inside Cape Point Nature Reserve to the lighthouses and back – only experienced paddlers please.
  • If you have experience in a canoe or surf ski they now also able to offer the bungee jumping of the surf ski world: a true Cape Town style Downwind paddle known locally as a Miller’s Run. This is sold as a package as you have to go through our introductory training before they unleash your inner adventurer and let you ride the waves into Fish Hoek beach with the wind pumping behind you to push you on your way!
They offer amazing adventures that will stay in your memory for a lifetime!


Enjoy a sunrise 60 minute hot air balloon flight with one of South Africa’s most experienced pilots. Have a coffee while the crew set up the balloon, enjoy the flight over the scenic wine lands in Franschhoek, have some sparkling wine at the landing site and breakfast with the pilot afterwards. This is weather permitting.

Want to have the pilot and balloon for yourself?
Want to propose or just looking for something very romantic?

Then this is the one for you.

Private bookings is only available during the months of March and September.


Based in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Situated in the northern part of the Garden Route, with a lot of fun activities, natural wildlife and the home of Meerkat Adventures. They are based on one of the most beautiful cattle and alfalfa (lusern) farms in Oudtshoorn, home of the original meerkat conservation site. The most popular of activities offered are without a doubt the daily wild habituated meerkat tours. These tours that commence only at sunrise are dependent on fair weather, since these little creatures will not venture outside their burrows rainy days . (No tours on rainy days & Christmas day).

Meerkats are part of the so-called Shy 5 which also includes the bat-eared fox, the aardvark, porcupine and aardwolf. The meerkat tours last between 2-3 hours and booking is essential. Upon arrival at the meerkat burrows, guests are treated to a hot cup of coffee, after which they are issued with a lightweight aluminium chair to sit in while observing the meerkats as they come out of the burrow into the sunshine and then go about their daily routine of foraging and frolicking. These habituated wild animals are never fed or handled by humans.

Tours are presented by experienced tour guides. It is a fantastic experience & unique privilege to get this close to these little creatures in the wild. No children under the age of 10 years allowed as you have to sit very quietly in order not to scare the little creatures. Pictures may be taken so please bring your Camera.

Inclusions / Exclusions / What to wear
Sunrise tours only

 – Coffee & Tea
 – Home Made African Rusks
 – Beautiful Sunrise

 – Meals and other refreshments
 – Bring
 – Camera

What to wear
 – Warm clothes