Registered Chartered Marketer (CM(SA)

Moira, has a background in both the corporate and NPO world where she helped new start-ups get off the ground and to turn around non-performing corporates. She is a registered Chartered Marketer (CM(SA) with an interest in strategy and sales and marketing.

Moira is an eternal student and has completed both local and international studies in a number of areas including travel, law, business, marketing, psychology, medicine, veterinary physiotherapy, counselling, executive coaching, agriculture, sustainability and sustainable development, drama, education, wine and winemaking. She is currently enrolled for further studies.

In 2011 Moira completed her Tourist Guiding qualification and registration with one of the “founding fathers” of SA tourist guide training. Whilst she did not enter the industry immediately on a full-time basis as she took some time to do market research and gain a better market and industry understanding, she did work on a part-time basis (in her own company as well as with external clients) to test and implement what she was learning from her research. In February 2015 she finalised all outside consulting projects in which she was involved for corporates and NPO’s in various areas to concentrate on building her travel and tourism business full-time.

Moira has served on various industry bodies including time as Chairperson of the Cape Tourist Guides Association as well as the Southern African representative for the World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations. She has also run various training courses for freelance guides. And has mentored, assisted and advised new entrants into the guiding profession as part of her responsibility to “pay it forward”. Moira has also started a small NPO, Guides for Goodness, which contributes a percentage of her turnover to community upliftment projects and other deserving causes.

Moira is passionate about South Africa, our people, customer service and satisfaction and about guiding as a profession.